Current Volunteeer Needs

Below is a list of volunteer tasks that we currently need at Vesterheim.

  • Guides (all year, trainings in fall and spring) - Lead group tours in the Main Building and the Open Air Division.
  • Pioneer Immersion Program (spring) Lead nineteenth-century pioneer activities (churning butter, hand-washing clothes, etc.) for fourth-grade school groups.
  • Nordic Fest (spring/summer) - Greet visitors, host galleries, and more. Download a Vesterheim Volunteer Help Form for Nordic Fest here. (pdf)
  • WOW (Window on the World ) Farm Program (fall) - Lead nineteenth-century agricultural activities (pressing apples, threshing grain, etc.) for third-grade school groups.
  • Norwegian Christmas Celebration (winter) - Greet visitors, host galleries, lead craft programs, help with the coffee shop, and more.
  • Mailings (all year) - Stuff and label envelopes.
  • Outreach Event Representatives (all year) - Promote Vesterheim at events around the country.