Folk Art Pilgrimage:

The Kinship Between Rosemaling and Woodworking

May 31 – June 18, 2016

This tour was such a huge success in 2014, Darlene and Patti led it again in 2016.

This immersion into the traditional folk arts of rosemaling and woodcarving included visits to nine of the nineteen fylke (counties) of Norway. The tour began in the city of Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag and traveled through Oppland, More og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Oppland, Buskerud, Telemark, Aust-Agder, and Hordaland.

Through Vesterheim’s close friendships in Norway, we enjoyed special events at artists’ studios, private collections, museums, historic hotels, stave churches, and bygdetunets. We visited with Norwegian folk artists who have shared so much of their talent with Vesterheim, many of whom the tour group visited on the Folk Art Pilgrimage Tour in 2014. We got a firsthand look at various rosemaling styles and carving techniques. We saw both old traditions and contemporary designs that follow those old traditions.

There were also wonderful opportunities for hands-on artistic experiences, scholarly lectures, and evening discussions. This jam-packed folk-art study tour kept us moving.

  1. Day 1 Tues., May 31: Minneapolis-Trondheim
    Depart Minneapolis on your transatlantic flight to Trondheim, Norway, via Reykjavik.
  2. Day 2 Wed., June 1: Trondheim (D)
    After arriving at Værnes Airport near Trondheim, you will have free time before the Welcome Dinner and overnight at Clarion Collections Hotel Bakeriet, Trondheim.
  3. Day 3 Thurs., June 2: Trondheim (B, L, & D)
    Start your day at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum with a scholarly talk. Visit buildings with examples of rosemaling from 1795 by the old Horne school and Knut Eriksen Horne, as well as see a large collection of ale bowls from Trøndelag. Taste traditional Norwegian cuisine at historic Sverresborg Tavern, followed by a guided city tour, including Nidaros Cathedral and Royal Residence. Dinner and overnight at Clarion Collections Hotel Bakeriet, Trondheim.
  4. Day 4 Fri., June 3: Trondheim-Orkdal-Oppdal-Dovrefjell (B, L, & D)
    Enjoy lunch at Bårdshaug Herregård, a 1908 manor representing a blend of Norwegian national romanticism and European traditions. Next visit Raulåna, a guesthouse from 1635 with examples of work by father Erik Horne and son Knute Eriksen Horne. Then see Brødrene Bjørndalsæter—a small commercial woodcarving and painting business. Dinner and overnight at Kongsvold Fjeldstue, Dovrefjell.
  5. Day 5 Sat., June 4: Dovrefjell-Lesja-Åndalsnes (B, L, & D)
    Travel through the Dovre Mountains to enjoy a special visit, including lunch at the Lesja Bygdemuseum and Lesja Church, which have carvings and paintings in the Gudbrandsdal-Lesja style. Head north to Åndalsnes for some shopping at the studio of rosemaler Gunnar Bø, who paints a unique style of Hallingdal and Telemark rosemaling. Dinner and overnight at the Grand Hotel Bellevue, Åndalsnes.
  6. Day 6 Sun., June 5: Åndalsnes-Hornindal-Sandane (B, L , & D)
    Take a nail-biting ride up Trollstigen with its 11 hairpin turns! Stop at the top to enjoy the beautiful vista, just a short walk from the Trollstigen Visitors Center. Next visit the Stordal Church, known as “rosechurch” because it is filled with rosemaling. After a short ferry ride, make a stop at the studio of acanthus woodcarver Rolf Taraldset. Sit back and relax during the beautiful drive along the Innvikfjorden on our way to dinner and overnight at Gloppen Hotel in Sandane.
  7. Day 7 Mon., June 6: Sandane-Førde-Viksdalen-Leikanger (B & D)
    Study the collection of rosemaling artifacts at the Nordfjord Folk Museum. Stop at Audhild Vikens Vevstove, where you can purchase anything from Christmas décor to Dale sweaters, or just have lunch at their café. Next off to the Sunnfjord Museum, where we will see and study the Viksdal style of rosemaling. Visit Eldalstunet, the studio of Viksdal rosemaler Marit Eldal. There will be time for hands-on rosemaling, visiting, shopping, and a dinner of gårdsmat, “farm food.” Overnight at Leikanger Fjord Hotel.
  8. Day 8 Tues., June 7: Leikanger-Kaupanger-Røn-Fagernes (B, L, & C)
    Start off your day by studying pieces painted in the Sogn style at the Sogn Folk Museum. There will be a mattpakke, “packed lunch,” en route, before a stop to look at the beautiful carving and painting at Slidredomen. Visit with Valdres rosemaler Eli Sælid, and enjoy coffee and treats before your overnight stay at Thon Hotel Fagernes.
  9. Day 9 Wed., June 8: Fagernes-Heggenes-Fagernes (B & L)
    Start the day with a memorable visit with Ingebjørg Aarseth at the home and studio of her husband Sigmund Aarseth. Follow with lunch and a guided tour of Valdres Folk Museum (Valdres rosemaling style), including dance and music. Overnight at Thon Hotel Fagernes.
  10. Day 10 Thurs., June 9: Fagernes-Gol-Ål -Geilo (B, L, & D)
    Drive from Fagernes to Gol to compare Valdres folk art with Hallingdal folk art, including a visit to the Hallingdal Folkmuseum. End the day with dinner and a tour of the Culture House with overnight at Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo.
  11. Day 11 Fri., June 10: Geilo-Uvdal-Nore-Rollag (B, L, & D)
    Study the Numedal style of rosemaling in the Uvdal Bygdetun. Lunch is at the charming Sevletunet. The Nore Stavkirke and the Rostadstove at Rollag Bygdetun has an abundance of Numedal rosemaling and carving for your viewing. Visit private collections of woodcarving from the middle ages. Dinner and overnight at Stabbursnatt where you will sleep in a stabbur (a traditional Norwegian storehouse) located in Rollag.
  12. Day 12 Sat., June 11: Rollag-Tuddal-Eidsbjorg-Rysstad (B, L, & D)
    In the morning visit Bjørg & Øystein Haugen to see Thomas Luraa’s artwork. From there drive to West Telemark Museum in Eidsborg to study Telemark painting, followed by a trip to the Bylke Church in northern Setesdal, where we will see Setesdal-style rose painting by Aslak Wasshus and K. Å. Byklum. Dinner and overnight at Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter, Rysstad.
  13. Day 13 Sun., June 12: Rysstad-Valle-Rysstad-Evje (B & D)
    Start your day with a guided tour of Setesdal Museum before the drive to Valle to visit the wonderful shops in the silversmiths’ capital of Norway. Dinner and overnight at Revsnes Hotel, Evje.
  14. Day 14 Mon., June 13: Evje-Dalen (B & D)
    After breakfast at the hotel, drive north up the beautiful Bussvikfjord as you study Setesdal rosemaling. Dinner and overnight at the 1894 historic “fairytale” Dalen Hotel, Dalen.
  15. Day 15 Tues., June 14: Dalen-Roldal-Ølen-Etne (B, L, & D)
    Take the morning to relax. Stop for lunch on the way to the studio of Unni Marie Lien, contemporary Telemark/Ryfylke rosemaler. Turid Helle Fatland, who paints in Rogaland and Telemark styles and does restoration work, will join the group for dinner, a showing of her work, and conversation at the Fugl Fønix Hotel, where you will spend the night.
  16. Day 16 Wed., June 15: Etne-Tyssedal-Utne-Vøringfoss (B, L, & D)
    Drive to Tyssedal to shop at the studio of woodturner Lars Stana. Have lunch at the Utne Hotel and visit with rosemaler Johild Mæland, followed by a guided tour of the Hardanger Folk Museum. Dinner and overnight at Quality Hotel & Resort Vøringfoss.
  17. Day 17 Thurs., June 16: Vøringfoss-Østerøy-Bergen (B & L)
    After breakfast, head to Østerøy to see a private Os rosemaling collection and enjoy a traditional lunch at Østerøy Museum. Afternoon and evening are free to explore Bergen, Norway’s second largest city and home of the historic Bryggen. Overnight at Comfort Hotel Holberg, Bergen.
  18. Day 18 Fri., June 17: Bergen-Lyngheim-Bergen (B & D)
    Drive to Stiftinga Det Historiske Tunet På Lyngheim to see this newly-opened museum with Os rose painting and hear a scholarly talk by Nils Brekke. Return to Bergen for lunch on your own, with the afternoon free to explore the city before the “Farewell Dinner” and overnight at Comfort Hotel Holberg, Bergen.
  19. Day 19 Sat., June 18: Bergen-Minneapolis (B)
    After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the transatlantic flight to Minneapolis.

The tour operator reserves the right to make changes necessary in order to give travelers the best experience possible.

Tour Info

For more information about upcoming tours:

Katherine Johnson
563-382-9681, ext. 240

Tour Guide and Leader

Patti Goke

Patti Goke, an avid rosemaler, instructor, and Vesterheim Gold Medalist, has studied with many top Norwegian rosemaling instructors. She has also taught various styles of painting over the past 20 years and has traveled extensively throughout Norway seven times.

Darlene Fossum-Martin

Darlene Fossum-Martin, Vesterheim’s Education Specialist, led Vesterheim Folk Art Tours to Norway in 2001, 2003, and 2014. Darlene loves Vesterheim’s folk-art program—the arts, artists, instructors, and students. She enjoys everyone’s enthusiasm for learning the art and its historical context. She attributes her strong Norwegian ties and traditions to the women in her family, her community, and years spent living, working, and traveling in Norway. She looks forward to sharing her love of the Norwegian countryside and its cultural richness while on this tour.