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Everything we do, every single day, depends on generous gifts to the Vesterheim Annual fund from friends like YOU! Thank you for your support.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Welcome to our Community

Vesterheim is first and foremost, a community. Many among us choose to support our community with financial gifts. There are lots of ways to get involved. Choose from the many options below, or contact Diane Wagner, Development Director at to talk about your ideas.

Easy ways to make your donation go further

  • Employer Matching Programs contribute almost $5 million to charities annually, making it possible for all donations to do more good work.
  • We are honored to be a valued charity partner with Thrivent Financial. Check out their website here. Are you a Thrivent or Thrivent Financial member? Thrivent Choice or Thrivent Simply Giving will give direct support to Vesterheim that costs you nothing.
  • Vesterheim’s Endowed Funds illustrate how private contributions make a difference to our long-range vision for serving future generations. These funds exist in perpetuity, ensuring that your favorite programs are always supported. Find a list of endowed funds here. Don’t see your favorite program represented in our existing funds? Endowed funds can be named to honor your loved ones, and established with gifts of $25,000 or more.
  • Iowa residents who make a donation to the Vesterheim Fund at the Iowa Community Foundation may be eligible for an additional 25% tax credit. Find out more here!

Remembering Vesterheim in your will makes the museum more sustainable, and can help you minimize your estate tax impact.


In 2000, Vesterheim launched Kroneklubben or “Crown Club” for recognizing our most generous and devoted donors. This special recognition acknowledges accumulated lifetime gifts and is essential for helping us achieve our mission. Membership in Kroneklubben is a high honor starting at $10,000 up to $29,999 for the pewter level, followed by bronze at $30,000-99,999, next is silver with a range from $100,000-499,999, then gold at $500,000-999,000, and ultimately platinum for lifetime gifts of $1,000,000 and more.

Vesterheim chose this bridal crown, drawn and interpreted by Norwegian-American artist Elisabeth Maurland, to be a symbol for its Kroneklubben. For us too, the crown represents the ties that bind us as a community, linking us to each other and to those that come before and after us. Your gifts to Vesterheim enable the museum to sustain this mission, to share a cultural legacy, for years to come.

The crown illustrated on the Kronekluben award is a part of the Vesterheim collection. It helps to tell the story of living Norwegian-American heritage that Vesterheim embodies. Bridal crowns were treasures of a Norwegian community, shared by all for marking special occasions. Crowns, like this one from Trondheim, were keepsakes, used to literally and symbolically pass along traditions. Crowns connected generations: as an older woman placed the bridal crown on the head of a young woman, she linked generations, and members of the community, in a celebration of that heritage and tradition.

Just as the bridal crown is passed from one generation to another within a community, your support ensures that Vesterheim keeps its stories alive for tomorrow’s generations. We invite you to consider a gift or pledge to become a part of this prestigious group.

View Full List of Kroneklubben Members

PLATINUM ($1,000,000 +)

Dan F. and Bonnie J. Huebner*
Trygve Lønnebotn*
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies

GOLD ($500,000 - $999,000)

J. Harry and Josefa Andersen*
Owen Bekkum*
Donna Danielson*
Charles Gulbransen*
James A. and Elaine Halls*
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
Marion and Lila Nelson*
Ruth Wamstad* Estate
Barbara M. Westby*
Luther College
The Government and People of Norway

SILVER ($100,000 - $499,000)

Kenn R. Barry*
Gertrude H. Berg*
Duane and Eileen Bruening*
Bryant Foundation
Brenda and David Carlson
Decorah Bank & Trust Co.
Sallie Haugen DeReus
Amanda F. Duff*
Mary Embertson*
Clayton Engen*
Evelyn Evenson*
Newman T. Halvorson, Jr.
Jon and Mary Hart
Helen M. Heitmann*
Richard and Joann M. Harr Hemp
Edwin R. and Joan T. Hemphill*
Harriet M. Hustvedt*
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Iowa Department of Economic Development
John A. Johnson Foundation
John K. & Luise V. Hanson Foundation
Dorothy and Wayne* Johnson
Ruth Christine Johnson*
Lutheran Brotherhood
Dean E.* and Marilynn Amdal Madden
Herbert C. Madison*
Helena Naef*
National Endowment for the Humanities
Alyce I. Neetzel*
Betty R. and David T. Nelson*
Dr. Eugene J. Nordby
Nordic Brunch
Neal and Gerry Nottleson
H. Signe Ostby and Scott Cook
Ham and Suzanne Peterson
Anna Rosendahl*
Rydell-Mortenson Charitable Foundation
Michael and Diane Schmidt
Ruth and Arne* Sorenson
Harold Segelstad
State Historical Society of Iowa Grants Office
Sundet Foundation
Louise and Leland Sundet
Helen (Molly) Sverdrup*
John W. Thompson
O. Jay and Patricia Tomson
Mike Voltmer
Ruth Wickney*
Marwin and June Wrolstad*

BRONZE ($30,000 - $99,999)

Evy and Robert A. Alsaker
Dr. Alf Altern*
American-Scandinavian Foundation
Anonymous, Miscellaneous
Jack and Ellie Anundsen*
A.N.* and Eldrid Arntzen
Arts Midwest, Inc
Bank of the West
Helen Basler
Gladys Bertsch
Mary J. and Gerald* Boman
Eileen Borchers*
Borgen Family Foundation
Keith and Amy Bruening
Veronna and John Capone
Lyle and Jean Cary*
Chicago Friends of Vesterheim
Kenneth V. Dahl*
Carlin Dahler*
Philip* and Audrey Dybdahl
Joseph and Ione Ellis*
Orton L. Enstad*
Lindsay and Karla Erdman
Lowell and Audrey* Erdman
Eric and Joan Norgaard Charitable Trust
Eugene J. Nordby and Olive M. Nordby Foundation
Featherlite Trailers
Janet B. Figg
Ella Ager Fossum
Fred Carlson Company, Inc.
G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
Helen Garnaas*
Robert M. Granum*
GreenPoint Bank
Martha and James Griesheimer
Gundersen Health System
Hacker, Nelson & Co., P.C.
Glenn Haga*
Hagen & Kallevang P.C.
Richard and Diane Halom
Marilyn H. Hansen
David J. Hardy
Barbara and Dale Henning
Hal A. and Patricia G. Hetland
Ron E. Hovda
Howard and Eunice Hovland*
Alice Hudson*
Humanities Iowa
Iowa Arts Council
Darold E. and Carol O. Johnson
Alvin A. Johnson*
Madeline D. Kanner* Estate
Jane and Don* Kemp
Russell* and Ingrid Keune
Lorin H. Klemesrud*
Larry and Gail Larson
Joan Losen
Madison Friends of Vesterheim
Kate M. Martinson
Carl McConeghey*
Casey and Heather Miller
David and Linda Brekke Mona
Milma Naeseth*
National Museum of Decorative Painting
Irene and Harry Navarre*
Glenn Nelson
Olive Nordby*
Mary Ann Olsen*
Karen Owen-Tuzcu
Sonja L. Perkins
Sonja Peterson
Elizabeth Platou
Pratt – Paul D. Pratt & Marguerite Olson Pratt Fund
Kate Rattenborg Scott
Janice W. Relf*
Rochester Friends of Vesterheim
Lee and David Rokke
Jeff and Marilyn Roverud
Nick and Courtney Rowley
Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
Walter and Amelia Rugland
T. Eileen Russell*
Robert and Elizabeth Sande*
W.R.* and Floy Sauey
Charlene and Gil* Schjeldahl
Ruth and Randy Schultz
Philip C. Smaby*
Ingebor Husby Smith*
Sons of Norway, Valdres Lodge #1-503
Dr. Robert F. Spier*
Hazel T. Stoeckeler
C. Peter Strong*
Thompson Investment Management
Thrivent Choice Dollars
Daniel and Mary Ann Thurmer
Tollef Sanderson*
Tomson Family Foundation Trust
Craig Trygstad and Lynne Coleman
Violette I. Twedt*
Ella Valborg Tweet*
Viking Cruises
Viking State Bank & Trust
Mrs. G. H. Westby*
Dr. David W.* and Peg Wright
Harriet S. Wrolstad*
Marguerite Ylvisaker*

PEWTER ($10,000 - $29,999)

99th Infantry Battalion
A & J Petersburg Agency
Marian R. Aaker
Maynard E. and Minerva Aaker*
Aid Association for Lutherans
Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc.
Dan Alsaker
Richard and Barbara Amundson
American Car Club of Norway
Alan Anderson
Nancy E. Anderson*
David and Candace Arp
Russell and Jean Ashbaugh, Jr.*
Phyllis A. Askildsen*
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company
Augsburg Publishing House
Ray Aune*
Joan M. Barager* Estate
Helen Bruening Barbier
Dennis and Doris Barnaal
Marie Kleppe Barness*
Gordon G. and Barbara L. Bauman
Naomi Bekkum*
Bernice Rise Trust
Arley and Beverly Bjella*
John* and Jackie Bjoin
Joan Liffring-Zug and Dwayne Bourret
Michael J. Bovre
Mette and Ed Bowen
Brekke Tours and Travel
Kenneth M. and Eleanor A. Brown*
Greg and Karen Bruening
Bruening Rock Products, Inc.
Dr. Joseph* and Ingrid Callaghan
Curtis L. Carlson*
Dr.* and Mrs. Harley Carlson
Helen Carlson*
William and Yvonne Cary
Casper Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Birgitte and John Christianson
City of Decorah
Janet and Robert Coe
Peter Coffeen
Jane and John Connett
Karlyn Nordgaard Cross*
Clifford I. Cummings*
Dahl Family Foundation
David and Linda Mona Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Deco Products
Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
Mark and Vicki Donhowe
Lois Drews*
Mary M. Dunea
Janet I. and Peter J. Dyck
Darcy J. Lenzgrinden Dye
Irving R. Eittreim*
Richard M. and Nancy L. Enstad
Joyce and Edgar Epperly
Erdman Engineering, P.C.
Norman E. Erickson*
Gerald and Deanna Erickson
James and Joy Erickson
Kristine S. Erickson
Ernest M. Espelie*
Evjue Foundation, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable
Edward H. and Sandra Fish
E. T. and Marjery Fjelde
Richard H.* and Vivian Fjeldheim
Sanford* and Wilma Fosholt
Mr. and Mrs. Connor D. Freeman
Ron* and Karen Fretheim
David E. Frew*
Elsa Bettum Friberg*
Al and Rhoda* Fritsch
Helene M. Furst
Francis and Geneice Gaasedelen*
Gary and Miriam Gandrud
General Mills Foundation Gift Matching Program
William N. Georgeson*
Dean* and Ann Gesme
Giants of the Earth Heritage Center
Morris Gjessing
Karen and James Gray
Barbara and Eric Greenfeldt in memory of Robert & Elaine Lee*
Larry and Diane Grimstad
Glen H. and Shirley B. Gronlund
Gunnar and Elizabeth Gundersen*
Lawrence R. Hafstad*
Newman T. Halvorson, Sr.*
Rebecca S. Hanna
Shirley Hansen* Estate
Minnard H. Hanson*
Karyne and C. Blaine* Harstad
Brent and Cindy Hart
Carol and Paul* Hasvold
Mr. and Mrs. Roe H. Hatlen
Lawrence O. and Lois Hauge*
Haugen /Talhaug Endowment
Eva Haugen*
Kirsten Roverud Heine and David Heine
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin L. Helstad*
Darrell Henning and Terry Sparkes
Randall Hicks
Ann Highum and Gerald Freund
David and Cynthia Hill
Martha Marie A. Hoghaug*
James M. and Susan Honsvall
Hotel-Motel tax
Hotel Winneshiek
Robert and Arlene Houlihan*
Carrie Hovland*
Stanley* and Helen Howe
David and Carol Hoyem
Gertrude Husby*
Joseph and Mary Husby*
Pearl Husby*
IBM Corporation
Connie Jacobson*
Jerry and Jo Sonja Jansen
Jay L. and Sandra O. Jensen
John W Kurtich Foundation
Dennis* and Carole Johnson
Chris and Bonnie Johnson
Inga Doris Johnson*
Ruby A. Johnson*
Jill Lendu Johnson and Joel Chapiewsky
Martin and Ruth* Johnson
Steve and Barbara Johnson
Rita and Roy Jorgensen
Ione N. Kadden*
Ellen Kerbs
Esther Kittelson*
Iva Kjerland*
Heyn and Sandy Kjerulf
Knut Utstein Kloster*
Mrs. Lewis Kranick*
Earl Kruse*
Theodora H. Kubly*
Karen Kuhlman
Severt and Mary Kvamme
Mary and Robert Lake
Mrs. Nordis Landsverk*
Paul and Dianne Larson
Merlin and Margaret Lee*
Dorothy and Maurice Leon*
Phyllis Leseth*
Joan M. Leuenberger
Barbara and Clark Lewey
Martha Y. and James W.* Limburg
Anne and Scott Lindblom
C. Paul and Marlys Lindholm*
Paul and Justine Lionberger*
Leif and Mary Lomo
Prof. Carl R. Loper, Jr. and Jane L. Loper*
Norman Lorentzsen*
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Lyders
Magnhild and George Madsen
Dennis Magnuson
Daniel and Ann Mansfield
McGraw-Hill Companies Foundation
Elsie Melby*
Meredith Corporation Foundation
Kirk and Renee Mies
Clifford M. Miller
Esther R. Miller*
Mobil Foundation Inc.
Grace O. Molloy*
Peder and Jeanne Moren
Nancy and Fred Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mork*
Alida Motland*
Michael K. Musgrave
David L. and Ann Nelson
Harland and Corinne* Nelson
Marlin P. Nelson
Elsie Ardis H. Norlander*
Frieda* and Ronald Nowland
Nuveen Investments
Sharon B. O’Hara*
James R.* and Marilyn Olin
Alfred D. and LaDelle Olson*
Connie Osmundson*
Terje Ostby
Barbara and Osmund* Overby
Sherman Oyen*
Helga Lund Parsons*
George J. Pedersen
Brit Aabakken Peterson*
Janet Blohm Pultz and Vaughan M. Pultz
Martin W. Reinhart
Lorie Reins Schweer
Barbara and Alan Rennie
Georgia and Finn Roed
Wayne A. Rohne
Jerry Rosholt*
Robert and Lucille Rosholt*
Brynhild C. Rowberg*
Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Minneapolis
Eleanor Rud*
Brian and Karen Rude
Marion Rude
William O. Running*
Ruth Rupp
Beverly J. Saboe
Lyle and Lucille Sacquitne*
Helen and Edmund Scherer
Kathleen Bergan Schmidt
Neil and Ruth Schraeder
Selmer Corporation
Rebecca and Robert Shaw
Julia Shima*
Silos and Smokestacks
Gerald R. Sime*
Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Skaugstad
W. David and Kaaren T. Slawson
Dianne Enger Snell
Mrs. Lloyd H. Snively*
Barbara Solberg*
Else M. Solberg
Narvel A.* and Marilyn Dahlen Somdahl
Sons of Norway Foundation
Sons of Norway, Concordia Lodge #6-070
Stanley Engineered Fastening
Janice Stewart*
Kathleen M. Stokker
Muriel B. Stone
Gilman M. and Helen C. Storlie*
Henry Strong*
Robert and Frances Sundt
Lucile G. Swenson*
The John R. Cross Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Thomas A. Woods, Ph.D., Making Sense of Place, Inc.
Arnold and Marian Thompson
Jack Thompson*
Donald A. and Virginia Tollefson*
Henrietta P. Torgerson*
Trollheim Building Corporation
James and Nancy Ulring
Ingeborg L. Ulvestad*
Vanberia International Gifts LLC
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program / The Tuzcu Family
Dean and Carol Vigeland
Voltmer Electric
Joann Voltmer
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Wangensteen
Boyd Wasson
James and Caroline Weis
Robert and Lois Wellvang*
Dr. Lorraine Westerberg*
Patricia T. White
William and Kathi Wild
Vincent and Verla D. Williams
Winneshiek County
Winneshiek County Convention and Visitors Burreau
Sue P. Wrolstad