• Laurann Gilbertson, Chief Curator
  • Dale Goodman, Former Vesterheim Trustee
  • Martha Griesheimer, Former Vesterheim Staff
  • Chris Johnson, President/CEO
  • Jennifer Kovarik, Collection Manager

To arrange for a presentation, fill out the form provided on this page or call 563-382-9681.

Request a Vesterheim Speaker

Vesterheim staff members can give presentations to cultural, community, and church groups on a variety of topics. Staff speakers will give presentations to groups visiting Decorah, to groups in their own towns (subject to schedule availability), or online as a virtual presentation.

Below is a complete list of prepared presentations. If you have questions about additional topics or outreach opportunities, contact Molly Thompson, Vesterheim Annual Fund Gift Officer, mthompson@vesterheim.org

To arrange for a presentation or ask a question, fill out the ‘Request a Speaker’ form on this page. A Vesterheim staff member will contact you as soon as possible regarding your request.

There is a fee of $150 per presentation. Online presentations will be arranged using your organization’s video conferencing program (i.e. Zoom). If speakers travel outside of Decorah for an in-person presentation, hosting groups are required to pay round-trip mileage at the IRS rate (currently $.585/mile) and, for evening presentations, provide overnight accommodations (hotel or private housing).

List of Presentations

Download and print this list of presentations

Request a Speaker