The Art and Crafts of Ancient Scandinavia

May 11-October 27, 2024

This exhibit showcases 21 original oil paintings by D. Sven Lindauer, which were printed in the first book of a series that he created about ancient Scandinavian history.

Artist, author, and publisher, Sven Lindauer’s professional career spans over 40 years. He was the former Official Historical Artist for the U.S. Marshal Service National Museum and for the National Geographic television.

This exhibition is for those who value the arts and crafts of Scandinavia and those interested in the daily life of people during 700 and 1000 CE. It is also for those who love painting artistry, as well. The paintings focus on Viking scenes, handcrafts, and landscapes. The models in the paintings are real people that Lindauer encountered in everyday life. Each model had qualities that fascinated Lindauer, and this urged him to talk to the individuals and engage them as models for his paintings.

Sven has carved frames for each of the paintings. The mood, materials, and decorative motifs of the frames reflect each artwork individually. He has also carved a massive red oak table to anchor the exhibit and serve as a platform to display two special artifacts from the Vesterheim collection: a model of the Jelling stone – erected by King Harald “Bluetooth” of Denmark between 965 and 985 and a sword from a burned Viking grave, ca. 900.

Some might remember Sven’s visit to Decorah’s Nordic Fest in 2023 or his many talks for Scandinavian groups. His warm presentation and amazing skill are engaging and fun and always new.

Exhibit Events:
– There will be an opening reception with Sven on May 11 at 1:00 pm with free museum admission.
– Join a free webinar on Zoom on June 9 at 1:00 pm CT. (Register for the Zoom link.)
– Sven will be back in Decorah for Nordic Fest (July 26-27).
– Sven will attend a closing reception in the gallery on October 27 with free museum admission.

Check back for more information about presentations with Sven.

Sven’s book is available in the Museum Store here.

This exhibit is made possible through the generous support of Vesterheim’s friend and members.