Favorite Things

A Community-Curated Exhibit of Vesterheim's Collections

Open through November 8, 2020

Like most museums, Vesterheim has many more objects in storage than it has on display. When you come to the museum, you get to see about ten percent of the museum’s vast collections, all of which curatorial staff have chosen for you.

Favorite Things is a chance to turn the tables and invite the public, volunteers, members, staff, and a few prominent Norwegian Americans to put some of Vesterheim’s rarely-seen objects on display and share why it’s selected.

Some objects have been chosen for their beauty, some for their compelling stories or family connections, and others are selected for deeply personal reasons. No matter the reason, all of these objects are treasures that connect us to the past.

In memory of Alison Dwyer with gifts from Philip Freeman, Cathy MacLeod, Connor Freeman, Caroline Freeman, Mackenzie Freeman, Stuart Dwyer, and Julie Dwyer.