New Nordic Cuisine

Opening November 27, 2020

New Nordic Cuisine is an innovative new exhibit about one of the most influential global food movements of the 21st century. But, it’s far more than just a set of recipes, flavors, or techniques. Learn how New Nordic cuisine expresses a set of values through the food we eat by embracing the natural resources, climate, and seasons of the Nordic region – including the long winters and stormy seas. This exciting exhibit explores traditional food and contemporary innovation, local production and global reach, and restaurant culture and home cooking through immersive physical and digital environments. Come to Vesterheim and learn how the cooking traditions and innovation of the Nordic region have captured the attention of the world and inspired chefs and home cooks alike.

New Nordic Cuisine is sponsored by Jon and Mary Hart, Jim and Marge Iversen, Philip and Sarah Iversen, John and Birgitte Christianson, and Tom and Linda Brandt. The exhibit is on loan from the Museum of Danish America.

The opening for the exhibit is planned for November 28, 2020.

Check back for information about upcoming online exhibit presentations and events.