The Museum Lab

Open through June 2, 2019 and then reopening August 17, 2019

Put on your lab coat and get experimenting!

The Museum Lab is a brand new innovative project that invites visitors to shape Vesterheim’s future by testing new exhibits, tours, classes, and programs in their early stages of development.

We’re interested in how we can best serve you, our visitors. The Museum Lab showcases ideas for everything from Vesterheim displays to restaurant possibilities, and it gives fun interactive ways for all ages to test them out and let us know what you think.

The Museum Lab will close June 2, 2019 and then reopen with all new material on August 17, 2019. It will then stay open through 2020. It will be constantly updated and changed, so it could be different each visit.

Sponsored by David and Brenda Carlson, of Decorah.

Find pictures of The Museum Lab in action here.

Tattoo: Identity Through Ink
National Norwegian-American Folk Art Exhibition