This video is a 360° view of the interior of the Bethania Lutheran Church. When watching a 360° video on a computer, the viewing angle is changed by clicking on the video and dragging with the mouse. Enjoy the virtual tour!

Bethania Lutheran Church

Rural Northwood, North Dakota (1901)

Typical of many rural churches in the Midwest, this one served a Norwegian-American farming community near Grand Forks, North Dakota, for over 80 years before being moved to Vesterheim in 1992. Much more than just a place of worship, it was the site of activities ranging from church suppers and charity auctions to youth groups and weddings. The church furnishings are original, including the altarpiece and railing by pioneer woodworker Østen Pladsen and the altar painting by immigrant August Klagstad. The congregation gave Vesterheim the chancel furnishings by Pladsen and Klagstad. Vesterheim purchased the pews, other original furnishings, and the building.

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