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Carol Bender

Rosemaling since her 20s, Carol has taken many classes with Vesterheim Gold Medalists and Norwegian rosemalers. She has taught rosemaling locally through Chestnut Center for the Arts, Wisconsin State Rosemaling Association, Coon Region Rosemalers, and Terrace Hills Rosemalers. Since 2003, she has been the rosemaling instructor for Masse Moro, the Sons of Norway District 5 Youth Heritage camp. Over the years, she has received awards for her rosemaling, including two Best of Shows at the Wisconsin State Rosemaling Association competition. Through the Wisconsin Arts Board Apprenticeship Program, she studied the Gubrandsdal style of rosemaling with Pam Rucinski, Vesterheim Gold Medalist, from 2015-2017. In 2018, she traveled to Norway and Sweden on Vesterheim folk-art tours. She was awarded a Fellowship through the American Scandinavian Foundation in 2019 to study folk-art painting in Sweden. She studied with three well known Swedish folk artists: Åse Larsjos, Birgitta Hedegren, and Slott Barbro. She also spent three days in Unnaryd, southern Sweden, studying Bonadsmåling. With Åse she discovered how to create unique faux finishes using sour milk, beer, and dry pigments. Barbro introduced to her how to create her own gesso for canvas and how to paint with hide glue and pigments. In Unnaryd, she was shown how to paint with egg yolk and pigment the unique comic-like stories on canvases. She has a great love for anything Swedish since she is 100% Swedish in ancestry, so studying Swedish folk-art painting has been dear to her heart.