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Cathy Castellanos

As a child Catherine loved visiting Mormor and Besetefar in their country home filled with beautiful Norwegian crafts. She loved seeing Mormor’s carved Henning pieces on the mantle along with krogbrod weaving and a few plates and bowls with rosemaling by family members. She was fortunate to travel with her three sisters and Mormor to Norway when she graduated college, which reinforced her love of Norwegian crafts. They soon found a Norwegian store that gave rosemaling classes and quickly joined the rosemaling club “Uffda.” She has since taken many classes with Vesterheim Gold Medalists and has participated in the Vesterheim Folk Art Tour in 2016. Painting now for 13 years, Catherine has recently traveled to Norway in 2023 to visit relatives where she got the opportunity to paint with Marit Eldal and Hjordis Junik, who has received the Kings Medal of Merit for the Arts. Catherine enjoys most types of rosemaling but gravitates to Viksdal style for its rich history and symbolism. Additionally, the Os style holds a special place in her heart because of her heritage from Havraboka, Osteroy. She currently lives in South Carolina.