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Kathleen Ernst

Kathleen Ernst of Middleton, Wisconsin, has spent 30+ years exploring and writing about heritage and traditions. She spent 12 years as an interpreter and curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor ethnic museum, and another decade developing and scripting instructional programs for public television, including the Emmy-winning Cultural Horizons series. Among Kathleen’s 38 books are the Chloe Ellefson Historic Sites mysteries for adults and many historical novels for young readers. She has written two nonfiction books, including A Settler’s Year: Pioneer Life Through the Seasons, which was selected to represent Wisconsin at the National Book Festival. Her poetry has appeared in a number of publications. She has taught writing at the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Mount Mary College, Vesterheim, and many conferences and workshops.

Learn more: In this episode of the Vesterheim series, Folk Art In Place, Kathleen has some tips for how to get your family stories down in writing!