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Northern Resonance

Northern Resonance is the Scandinavian string trio that takes newly composed folk music into enormous soundscapes. With their previously untested combination of instruments – viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle, and nyckelharpa – they let Scandinavian music meet explosive rhythms and grand chamber-like arrangements to take folk music in a new direction. All members are highly skilled and accomplished musicians, rooted in traditional music. With an intense musical connection that is rare to come across, they invite you into their world of compositions. There is great life in their tunes, and the trio knows how to bring it out.

Their debut album, released in the autumn of 2020, was nominated for a Swedish Grammy, and the trio is going to release an upcoming album in 2024.

“With their close interplay, the trio moves effortlessly outside the soundscape of the tradition but moves just as easily within it. The instrument’s many resonance strings become the trio’s musical bloodstream that is effervescent with both detail and boundlessness. It pulsates with the feeling of home as well as a desire to discover new land.”
— Lira Music Magazine