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Susan Kolstad

Vesterheim instructor Susan Kolstad

Susan has been knitting since childhood with a long-time passion for challenging knits. She has sought out unusual techniques and historical connections for knitwear. Susan has taught knitting to adults and children, developed patterns, as well as traveled to attend many knitting courses including technique classes in Norway and Sweden.

Her daily knitting is often inspired by a vintage artifact (magazine photographs, colorful plate/dishes, or an article of retro clothing). She loves to knit toothy wool on wooden needles, some she has carved herself as a nod to early knitting times. Her motivation is a challenge in design or use of yarn or translating Scandinavian vintage or modern knitting patterns.

A recent move has brought Susan to rural Southeast Minnesota after living and teaching elementary school for 27 years in a metro suburb. This shift has spurred enjoyment of gardening and walks, as well as further pursuits of natural dyeing. She cheers on her daughter and son-in-laws’ small business and enjoys listening to the stories of her aging parent.

You can find Susan on Ravelry and Instagram as sokkgirl.