Congratulations to the six new apprentices who gathered at Vesterheim this past weekend to kick off their year-long training. During the weekend, they heard from the varied voices of experienced Vesterheim instructors, Gold Medalists, and collections and folk-art education staff. They enjoyed panel discussions and hands-on activities, exploring how to teach from Vesterheim collections and hearing personal perspectives on teaching and learning. It was a weekend full of building community, sharing perspectives, and outlining the year ahead. Each apprentice will return to Vesterheim in 2020 to take two free classes in their folk-art discipline and one class in a folk-art discipline never studied before to examine learning from a beginner’s perspective. Apprentices will be mentored by experienced folk-art teachers along the way, and they will have an opportunity to create their own original multi-day class plan inspired by Vesterheim’s collection.

Find bios for each apprentice and more info about the program here.