Wait a minute. Isn’t Vesterheim the National Norwegian-American Museum and Heritage Center? What’s this about classes in Swedish folk art?

While most classes at Vesterheim’s Folk Art School emphasize Norwegian folk-art traditions, we often include a number of classes in other traditions as well.

These cousins and friends of Norwegian folk arts help give perspective. The dialog with other traditions illuminates the historical connections that the different traditions share and the influences each has on the other. Like any good conversation, this back-and-forth can open new ways of understanding and even start other conversations, pushing the folk art of one tradition into exciting new expressions.

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Below are three classes in Swedish traditions being offered in 2019. Find out more and register online now at each link!

Luffarslöjd (Wire Art)
June 22-23, 2019 with Faith Clover

Art Weaves of Norway and Sweden
September 21-25, 2019 with Jan Mostrom

Fika Fun!
October 25-26, 2019 with Sandy Braun