In 2000, Vesterheim launched its Kroneklubben or “Crown Club,” recognizing its most generous and devoted donors. This special recognition acknowledges accumulated lifetime giving. Such consistent giving over time is crucial in helping us achieve our mission.

At a November 2019 appreciation event in Decorah, we took the opportunity to recognize our Decorah Friends of Vesterheim who have achieved this special milestone. We are grateful for their continued support!

Silver ($100,000 – $499,000)
Jon and Mary Hart (Founders Council)

Bronze ($30,000 – $99,999)
Jack and Ellie Anundsen
Keith and Amy Bruening
Valdres Lodge #1-503, Decorah

Pewter ($10,000 – $29,999)
Giants in the Earth Heritage Center
David and Candace Arp
Dennis and Doris Barnaal
Greg and Karen Bruening
Deco Products Company
Joyce and Ed Epperly
Larry and Diane Grimstad (Founders Council)
Rebound Enterprises/Hospitality
Dennis Magnuson
Dan and Ann Mansfield
Glenn Nelson and Jane Borelli
Neil Schraeder
Bill and Kathi Wild