Collections Connection: Norwegian Timber Framing with Mike Loeffler

In this recording, join Mike Loeffler for an exploration of Norwegian timbered building styles and techniques.

Mike is a woodworker/carpenter and was drawn into the world of timber framing through his studies at North House Folk School. On a recent research trip in Norway, he surveyed a number of vernacular timbered buildings with the guidance of traditional carpenters. Mike has focused on his interest in grindbygg, a type of timber framing prevalent throughout South Western Norway. The construction and flexibility in composition of grindbygg make it great for all sorts of applications. Traditionally these buildings were used for barns, boathouses, and other agricultural uses. Mike has built a number of grindbygg timber frames for clients in Wisconsin and Minnesota and is excited to share his enthusiasm for this unique building style.

Collection Connections is a series of Vesterheim-hosted conversations between the museum’s collections staff and folk-art school instructors. Highlighting the incredible folk-art collection at Vesterheim, these conversations are also opportunities for you to stay connected with your folk-art community. Each gathering will highlight a piece or two from the collection as explained, interpreted, and appreciated by a master folk artist.

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