Collections Connection: Rosemaling with Patti Goke

In this recording, Vesterheim Gold Medalist Patti Goke and Vesterheim Collections Manager Jennifer Kovarik highlight two trunks from the Vesterheim collection – one by Gunder Salveson Haugland and another by Kverndalen in the Numedal style – to inspire your painting practice.

Patti Goke of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, has been rosemaling for over 30 years and has taken many classes with American and Norwegian artists. One of her rosemaling experiences was painting in the Raftevold Hotel in Hornindal, Nordfjord, Norway. Patti is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist, Vesterheim Rosemaling Letter editor, and contributor of rosemaling articles and projects for Art Apprentice Online e-zine. She was the guide for Vesterheim’s 2014 and 2016 Folk Art Tours to Norway. Find out more about Patti and the classes she’s teaching at Vesterheim here.

Collection Connections is a series of Vesterheim-hosted conversations between the museum’s collections staff and folk-art school instructors. Highlighting the incredible folk-art collection at Vesterheim, these conversations are also opportunities for you to stay connected with your folk-art community. Each gathering will highlight a piece or two from the collection as explained, interpreted, and appreciated by a master folk artist.

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