Collections Connection: Silverwork with Liz Bucheit

In this recording, silversmith and jewelry instructor Liz Bucheit and Vesterheim Collections Manager Jennifer Kovarik highlight bridal jewelry from the Vesterheim collection to inspire your artistic practice or – if you’re a bride-to-be – your accessory game!

Liz Bucheit creates jewelry and body adornment inspired by her Scandinavian ancestry and keeps close ties to her heritage by drawing inspiration from Nordic folklore and myth. A goldsmith for over 30 years, she holds a Master’s degree in metalworking and jewelry from the University of Iowa, Iowa City and has trained in traditional jewelry and metalworking techniques in Ireland and Norway. She co-owns and operates Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, Minnesota, with partner and fellow goldsmith Michael Seiler. Find out more about Liz and the classes she’s teaching at Vesterheim here.

Collection Connections is a series of Vesterheim-hosted conversations between the museum’s collections staff and folk-art school instructors. Highlighting the incredible folk-art collection at Vesterheim, these conversations are also opportunities for you to stay connected with your folk-art community. Each gathering will highlight a piece or two from the collection as explained, interpreted, and appreciated by a master folk artist.

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