Article from Vesterheim, Vol. 18, No.2, 2020 – Innovators and Inventors. 

Richard P. Beem shares the life story and inventions of his uncle, Emil Hanson. From his youth as a Norwegian-American farm boy, Emil Hanson worked throughout his long life to perfect, patent, and commercialize a number of original inventions. He conveyed that knowledge and enthusiasm to everyone around him, including his nephew and author of this article who was inspired to become a patent trial lawyer.

This magazine issue is in connection a new exhibition, Innovators & Inventors, opening in September 2021 at Vesterheim to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of Norwegian immigrants and their descendants in America and to inspire a new generation of problem solvers to tackle the most pressing issues of today. The exhibit Innovators & Inventors is sponsored by the Tomson Family Foundation. The Innovators & Inventors issue of the magazine is sponsored by the late W.R. Sauey.

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