Vesterheim Logo

Vesterheim announces the launch of its new brand identity and logo developed by Snøhetta, an international design firm headquartered in New York and Oslo, and known for their trans-disciplinary approach, integrating architectural, landscape, interior, graphic, and product design into their projects. We’re excited to roll out changes.

This rebranding project is in connection with an overall Master Site Plan created for Vesterheim by Snøhetta, and further supports a bold, unified vision across all aspects of the organization. Developed around the concept of unity, the rebranding conveys a sense of openness and transparency, inviting the public to engage with Vesterheim’s key mission to highlight the American immigrant tradition that connects us all.

“The branding helps us be both consistent and versatile. It presents the warm, welcoming community we’re known for and the exciting future we envision,” Chris Johnson, Vesterheim’s President/CEO said.

“With this work, Vesterheim is moving into a new era with a clean and polished look,” Johnson continued. The design merges a sense of classic and modern with colors rooted in Norwegian folk art and a connection to modern Norwegian aesthetics.

Vesterheim has been working on this project over the last year with support from the Huebner Education Fund.