Collections Connection: Exploring the Work of Vesterheim Gold Medalist Rosemalers with Louis Bath

In this recording, Vesterheim Gold Medalist and rosemaling instructor Louise Bath highlights pieces from the collection painted by fellow Vesterheim Gold Medalists. Vesterhem’s annual National Norwegian-American Folk Art Exhibition has a tradition of spotlighting amazing work entered by fantastic contemporary artists from all over the country and has been a great way to find out what’s happening today in the world of Norwegian-inspired folk art. This session of Collection Connections is the first in a series that will share the styles and strengths of artists who have been honored in past National Norwegian-American Folk Art Exhibitions.

Find out more about what she’s teaching at Vesterheim here.

Collection Connections is a series of Vesterheim-hosted conversations between the museum’s collections staff and folk-art school instructors. Highlighting the incredible folk-art collection at Vesterheim, these conversations are also opportunities for you to stay connected with your folk-art community. Each gathering will highlight a piece or two from the collection as explained, interpreted, and appreciated by a master folk artist.

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